AudibleSelf - your Vocal Mirror - is a valuable tool
that puts you in control of your vocal messaging. 

AudibleSelf can help


Job Seekers


Customer Service Representatives

Telephone Support Teams




Sales Representatives

Marketing Chiefs




Transgender Transitions

How can we know what the sound of
our voice communicates about us?

Just as we want to know and be in control of the impression our physical self is making on the opposite sex, our social group, our boss, or our loved ones, we also need to be in control of the impression our AudibleSelf is making.  

Today more than ever, the established correlation between physical characteristics of the voice and personality traits is being applied to such fields as technology, engineering, marketing, sales and finance.

Does your voice communicate confidence, competence, and reliability? 

Does your voice attract the positive attention you desire? 

Do people trust you?

Do people appear interested in what you say?

Are you treated with respect?

Are you taken seriously?