The Voice Analysis 
Consultation and Descriptive Report


Who is the world seeing when they hear your voice?  What vocal message are you sending?  What ‘face’ or ‘personality’  does your voice bring to mind? Does this differ from how you view yourself and who you aspire to be? How can you know for sure how your voice sounds to the outside world? 

The AudibleSelf is your Vocal Mirror and reflects back to you 'who' the world is seeing when they hear your voice.  

Did you know that

  • People instantaneously make a subconscious judgment about your mood, social status, and    personality based on the sound and quality of your voice?
  • This all happens below the listener's radar on a subconscious level; they are unaware of why they are making the judgement?
  • Voice plays a bigger role in how you're judged than the clothes you wear and the words you say? 


The AudibleSelf Report will help you to take control of your vocal image by:

  • Identifying your physiological characteristics: vocal resonance, breath support, pitch, intonation, loudness, and articulation.
  • Raising your awareness about the social traits your voice is projecting: emotions, moods, values, and intentions based on the latest research.
  • Providing individualized recommendations and step by step instructions to help you achieve your desired vocal image.

Visit AudibleSelf and put yourself in charge of your vocal messaging.