Social traits like emotion, personality, mood, 
and social status are being signaled by the
quality of your voice.

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We often interpret more from the way people
speak than from the words they say.

We've been taught to believe that our physical appearance is key to how we're judged by the outside world. We’re focused on how to dress and the content of our speech and pay little or no attention to how our voice sounds and what it communicates about us. 

Voice plays a key role in how the unconscious mind judges character. Because the assessment of voice happens under the radar and outside the conscious mind, the listener may not be aware that it's voice that leaves the lasting impression of competence, reliability, and overall character.  

Voice has a profound effect on how we're seen by the outside world. It influences everything from the partner we choose to our success or failure in the workplace.

AudibleSelf puts you in control of
the story your voice is telling.

It's a fact of our biology that we cannot hear the sound of our own voice. Hearing it on a recording can even be shocking!  There is no objective mirror for voice, no reflection that helps us to know what the outside world is hearing. 

We at AudibleSelf act as your Vocal Mirror and reflect back to you ‘who’ the world sees when they hear your voice. We provide simple steps to help you make the changes that best reflect who you aspire to be.