Every time you speak your voice tells the story of who you are. 


AudibleSelf is your Vocal Mirror and puts you in 
control of your vocal messaging so you can...

Win that interview

Overcome self-consciousness

Earn respect

Build confidence

Be heard

Remove blocks to intimacy

AudibleSelf reflects back to you the face and personality
that your voice projects to the world. 

Is AudibleSelf for you?

Are you having trouble getting recognized and promoted?

Do you feel rejected or have trouble getting dates?

Are you a grown woman being mistaken for an adolescent on the telephone?

Are you accused of being a chronic whiner or complainer?

Are you misunderstood even though your words are well chosen?

Are people reacting to you with aggression or defensiveness?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions,
 AudibleSelf is for you!

Problems of the voice are not just unpleasant to listen to, they can interfere with successful communication. Anything that distracts a listener can cause message distortion. The quality, volume, and rhythm of your voice, the speed with which you speak, and even your intonation patterns, are all hugely influential factors in how convincing you are, and how people judge your state of mind, and character. Discover your winning voice with AudibleSelf today.

AudibleSelf certified professionals provide a personalized
and confidential analysis of your speaking voice.

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